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Let's co-create your masterpiece

Kairos exists to support you to effectively monetize your insights, creations & expertise, find more ready-to-pay clients, and build a foundation for lasting success.

What is included:

- Initial 1:1 blueprint call to get clear on the core objectives for your project and lay out a plan to achieve them.

- x2 co-creation group calls each week to work on your project, answer questions, and provide support and feedback.

- Our epic community, where you will find fellow visionaries, creatives and mavericks to befriend and collaborate with.

- Full access to the Archive: an ever-expanding library of resources that ranges from metaphysical to practical.

- Private 1:1 access as needed for additional support, plus exclusive events only available to Kairos community members.

Only 100 members will have access to Kairos at any given time.

This is to ensure that each member receives the support they need, and to maintain the integrity of the community.

Kairos opens at irregular intervals whenever we feel like it.

If interested in becoming a member, please submit an application to join the waiting list.

You will receive 24 hours priority notice before the Kairos community is shared with the public.

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